Baby Yak Lace



Discover a truly special and unique yarn. The soft-as-cashmere fibers that make mYak Baby Yak Lace are gathered by Tibetan nomads as they tend their herds in the grasslands of the Himalayan plateau. Through their work, mYak aims is to give this thousands-of-years-old nomadic lifestyle an opportunity to thrive and prosper in uncertain modern times.

Two plies gently twisted together create a delicate lace-weight yarn perfect for lacy shawls and accessories. Used double, mYak Baby Yak Lace is warm and lustrous, lightweight and breathable, making it comfortable to wear throughout the seasons.

Warmer than wool, and as soft as cashmere, Baby Yak Lace is ethically sourced. Tibetan nomads tend to their yak herds and gather their molted fur from the undercoat which falls as the babies grow. Baby yaks are not sheared; their down is combed after their first winter, right before it would shed spontaneously on the grasslands at the start of spring. A completely natural change of coat. For this reason, mYak Baby Yak Lace is considered a vegan yarn. In pursuit of a goal to help sustain ancient traditions in a modern work, mYak created a co-op with the nomads at the outset of their business. Fifty percent of the nomad’s fee is paid up front at the beginning of the season to sustain them as they work.

Baby Yak down varies in color from season to season – at times it is darker and at times lighter. According to the down color, myak begins with three natural shades (chocolate, desert and oatmeal) which they then dye in order to get a palette of soft colors that evokes the five elements of nature.


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