Try-On Tubes



This might be just the miracle knitting tool you’ve been waiting for. Eliminate tedious tasks and save hours of time transferring live stitches to and from waste yarn. Never again will you need to put all those live stitches, one by one, onto a piece of waste yarn just to see if your sweater is going to fit. Instead put one tip of your circular needles in each end of a Try-On Tube, spread those precious live stitches out, and check out your progress. Hate picking up stitches from a provisional cast-on? Cast them onto a Try-On Tube instead and when the time comes, just insert a needle tip, slip those stitches from the tube onto the needle and away you go! You’re welcome.

Tin includes three Try-On Tubes: One (1) 60″ long and two (2) 30″ long tubes.

Tubes will fit onto needles up to size US 9.


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