Coastal features Shaniko Wool – grown just around the bend here in Oregon – blended with legendary Belgian flax and decadent Mulberry Silk. This wonderful mix of fibers creates a fingering weight yarn with a comfortable hand, structural integrity, light texture, and graceful drape, everything you want for your warm weather garments and accessories.

Elemental Affects’ Coastal yarn is a carefully selected blend of 50% Shaniko Wool, 25% Mulberry Silk and 25% Belgian Flax fibers. Each of these fibers lends it’s own superpowers to what just might be the perfect warm weather yarn.

Coastal begins with wool – specifically Shaniko Wool – to absorb body moisture and move it away from the skin, making it available for evaporation. Wool is also a good base of “soft” in the hand and lends some loft to otherwise dense fibers.

Mulberry Silk provides more softness and a luxurious sheen. It’s also another good “evaporator.”

And the star of the show is Belgian Flax, an especially good “breather” that joins wool and silk in its job of  regulating body temperature through moisture evaporation. Because the dye methods used for this yarn are friendlier to protein fibers, adding plant-based flax lends depth to the colors. Top it all off with Belgian Flax’s characteristic crispness for the icing on a truly delicious yarn cake.

Three plies and a moderately high twist offer a crisp, but soft hand, in a nice, strong, round-ish yarn that traps those loose, soft wool fibers close to the surface of the yarn. The result is the perfect warm weather yarn we know you will fall in love with!


300 Natural, 301 Sweet Tea, 302 Deep Pink, 303 Raspberry, 304 Tangerine, 305 Copper, 306 Chartreuse, 307 Cut Grass, 308 Sky Blue, 309 Bonnie Blue, 310 Banana Peel, 311 Mango, 312 Lilac, 313 Purple Haze, 400 Test


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Belgium, China, Oregon, USA