Pandemic Project Mystery Kit



Join us for a mystery knitting or crochet fun without leaving your home!

Life may be full of surprises right now – most of them not so much fun – but we’ve got a great one in store for you if you’re willing to walk on the wild side!

Pandemic Project Mystery Kits are a great way to explore a new knitting or crochet adventure without ever leaving your home. Give us a few details to work with, and we’ll put together a mystery kit especially for you that will include some wonderfully¬†soothing yarn and a lovely pattern to knit or crochet. Each kit will be thoughtfully curated and packed with great value!

To get started, there are just a few little things we’d like to know:

  1. Let us know your price: $60, $90, or $120
  2. Tell us your skill level: Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced
  3. Name your craft: Knit or Crochet
  4. Give us ONE to THREE words to inspire us while curating your very own Pandemic Project. This could be a color, a flower, your favorite song, a movie, or even just a random word you choose out of the dictionary.