Learn to Knit Package


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Dreamz Circular Fixed Needles

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Never stop learning! In the time of COVID-19 treat yourself to a new skill. Knitting is not only a wonderful way to pass the hours while being productive, it’s meditative too. Science has shown that the act of knitting helps with anxiety, chronic pain, cognitive brain function and so much more.

Our Learn to Knit kits will give you the tools you need to work your way through the basics. A single skien of Kelbourne Woolen’s Germantown, a classic workhorse yarn made from North American Wool, and a knitting needle – we’ve included just the right size – are all the tools you’ll need! Pair it with Pom Pom Publishing’s fabulous book Knit How and you’ll be stitching your way to cozy accessories, gifts and garments in no time!


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